Cannot disable 'cute notifications' and other issues


I’m leaving this here instead of github as it isn’t really a bug.

Having used Poli from day one and promoting it heavily to my audience and friends, I have recently returned in the hope of using it exhaustively as my daily driver.

I was therefore very disappointed to discover some unexplainable changes such as insisting a pop-up notification is drawn over the bottom of the screen upon a quest triggering with no option to disable this. I have dug deeply into the services and activities but have been unable to prevent this pop-up. Intruding onto a user’s phone needs to either be incredibly subtle or at the very least have enough options to tweak it as the user desires.

Therefore and before I do this planned write up for our sizable audience, it may be wise to provide an option to disable this intrusive pop up notification for ‘adults’ using the app as I can’t think of any adult that would be happy with this being mandatory instead of optional.

Also, we’ve noticed that the notification provided to the Android notification draw, no longer shows the ‘quests notes’ as the subtext in the notification and instead shows a strange sentence of ‘Ready for a quest?’ This of course is useless and makes no sense so please also amend the code back to before so as to provide the users notes as the subtext to the notifications quest title.

If by chance you are unlikely to be able to make these changes and/or this app is more of a hobby, we would really appreciate what version those changes were made in so that we know which version to recommend to our audience.

Also, we noticed that full themes have yet to be implemented. With so many phones having AMOLED screens and therefore a huge percentage of users choosing to use exclusively dark themed apps - it is again imperative to provide a full black theme for those users and also anybody else who doesn’t like being blinded whilst using their phone late at night.

Even better would be to provide a master switch for advanced users which opened up every single conceivable option within the code as not everybody is your standard simple user. It seems mad to limit your profit by cutting out half the population by not providing options for user’s who know how to use a phone or who aren’t a child.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to providing constructive criticism over the coming months so as to help improve the app and therefore your user base and subscription model profits.

Warmest regards,


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Hey @Pullvius,

  1. Totally agree with you, pop-up notifications will be optional in the next major release 2.9+
  2. As far as the text is concerned, you can try to set text for your reminders when editing the reminder itself. The text placed there should be displayed in the notification. Btw, what default text would you prefer here?
  3. Yes, dark theme(s) should come really soon. Probably, it would be my default too! That said, can you point to some apps that have amazing dark themes? What color combinations seems good to you?
  4. Having an option for everything might be great, In a perfect world. The reality is that we’re a small team of 3 people (2 developers & 1 designer), so that might not happen soon :wink: That said, what are the top 5 options you would like to see?

If you want to chat (kinda live) you can find me at Discord under @venelin :slight_smile:

Thanks for sticking around for so long, that makes our small team really happy! Can’t wait for more feedback from you!

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Ideally there needs to be an option to sign in with email and sync additional Google Calendars(as is already possible.) A huge number of privacy concerned users are not happy linking their sign in to Google or Facebook.

We noticed that the option for the default view being that of month/5-7 day overview or detailed day appears to also have been hidden. Many users like to have either of those two as their default view which would ideally be offered alongside the two timeline views that are currently options. At the moment, there is no way to drag tasks between days which is imperative for constant use.

Upon further inspection as your suggestion, it would appear the notification subtext is still customizable but hidden within the Reminder option. With Polly being a productivity app, it’s important for users to be able to easily and consistantly view these ‘auto-suggestions’ being visible both in the notification subtext and on the calendar within the quest subtext so as to be able to continuously read their auto-suggestion and therefore maximise the probability of action. Because some tasks are only set to 10 minutes and therefore have a very thin bar presence within the timeline, ideally, this subtext would follow a hyphen and be on the same line as the quest title so as to be visible on the timeline. As requested, if you need a default text, I think either leaving it blank or having something that is relevant to the quest would be more useful. Something along the lines of "This is your quest - time to act now! "

Alongside the above, it would be wise to also have visible, a user generated auto-suggestion (subtext) on each habit as again, this is what users would read to decide how painful or pleasurable doing or not doing that habit is.

One thing that perhaps my naivety has always prevented me from fully comprehending is that of maximising user base. Users choose an app within a sector because they like the features and all too often a feature is changed or removed resulting in a mass-exodus of the user base. It makes more sense to me for a developer to, whenever they are changing/adding or house cleaning code, to simply make a copy of that code and transfer it over to an advanced options page for users to make up their own mind. Everything and anything, regardless of how unuseful it may appear to the developers, will always be welcome for those advanced end users

Regarding themes, I usually run anywhere between 1500 to 2000 apps so it would take too long to find a selection that are getting it right. An app called Movie Mate has the Marshmallow style theme picker which is sufficient as most dark theme users I suspect tend to be happy just having all black. There is a newer material design theme activity which a lot of apps have started to use and they tend to have colour options alongside the black such as:

Azurro - ff009aff
Turquoise - 00ffcc
Neon/Cyan - 00ffff
Holo - 00ccff
Pink - ffff00d2
Red - FFD50000
Orange - FFFF6B00
Blue - FF0110FF

Reading through some of my posts, I do hope I am not coming across too strict as please be assured, I’m one of the loveliest chaps you’re ever likely to meet. I’m simply passionate for this app, which has the potential to fill a gaping gap in the productivity market. I use it mainly for habitual realignment and calendar events but cannot yet use it as my daily driver for GTD/Eisenhower Matrix. I can only cross my fingers that the app improves enough for the user base to substantially increase so as to be able to afford more developers. Who knows, maybe much further down the line, every single feature from ‘Ultimate To-Do List’ would be implemented(including a substantial Tasker plugin) and it would then become the Holy Grail of productivity apps.

Again, huge thanks so far, keep up the dev time and I look forward to our next encounter.

Warm regards,


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We finished up the character attributes :sunny:

Currently working on couple of dark themes, option for disabling the popup and other suggestions mentioned by you :slight_smile:

Will post back when we have something to show :wink:

Thanks for the detailed responses!

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We added settings for choosing notification style for the Quest reminders and Plan Day reminder (yep, they are in the Settings section). Also, the default reminder message has changed. Default view setting is coming soon, too! :blush:

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