Looking for crackers on the Internet - web version of myPoli


Hey all,

We’ve spent the last 5+ days working on the web version of myPoli. This topic will provide the latest updates related to the web app, as they appear from the craft shop of the developing team :wink:

I know I might be teasing you, but for now, know this - there will be all-new focus mode in the web version. It will look something like this:

Will write again soon!

All the best during the new year :heart:


A tiny bit of progress:

Noticing the avatar with the cool glasses? :wink:

P.S. Please, reply in this thread if you want to be amongst the first who want access to the web app. Of course, people who paid subscription via the website: https://mypoli.fun will receive it first :slight_smile:


A bit more style and the ability to complete/uncomplete Quests from the Calendar :wink:

Hopefully, very early alpha will be available sometime during the next week :partying_face:


A bit more progress :sunny:

  • A list of your Quests for today
  • Quickly add Quest for today
  • A better looking HUD (bottom left)

What do you think?


Looks cool - when do u think this will be available to try?


Thanks! Should be available for premium members by the end of the month (hopefully sooner). If you’re not, you can PM me your email, so I can send you a message when it is available for all players :slight_smile:

Your Pet showing you the rewards for completing your Quest:


Nice, I just paid for premium then. Let me know


We’ve got your payment. Thank you for your support! You’ll be one of the first who receive access :+1:

Something that is coming along nicely. The new Avatar creator:


Happy to report more progress:

  • You can now sync with your Google Calendar (primary only for now)
  • You can edit your Google Calendar events (drag & drop) right from myPoli
  • You can drag & drop Quests from the Bucket List onto the Calendar


New stuff:

  • Create account from the web app (able to use in the Android app, too)
  • Hide/show the Bucket List


Here to report more progress :blush:

  • Data sync between the Android & web app
  • You can now edit your Avatar

Next up:

Premium membership sync (so your premium status is persisted on both - Android & web)


I’m a blogger/developer and love checking out new apps. If you are willing to let me access it I’d love to checkout your web version. I’ve been exploring various gamified produtivity apps lately and looking for one that’s fun, but also one I can leverage to team up with my kids and promote/reward great behaviors.

Do you have any family oriented plans/goals yet, or is that beyond the scope of what you want? I think the tagging attributes is such a great idea to promote a more well-rounded habit development!


Giving you access to the web app will be really unfair to all other players who are paying premium for it (or are long-time myPoli users). So the answer to the first question is no, during this stage of the app there won’t be access giveaway for free.

Now for the second one :slight_smile: Yes, myPoli should be the best “multiplayer” experience and that might mean teaming up with friends, colleagues or family for various Challenges. Would love to hear from you how would you envision using the app with your kids? :crossed_swords:

Btw, love the username :smile:


Happy to report that we got membership sync to work. After a day or two of testing we will push an update to the Android app that allows whoever purchased subscription via Paypal to use it within the Android app.

You will be able to purchase membership via the web app using PayPal.


And we got the data from the web app to sync with the Android app and vice versa! :partying_face:


I just send an email to all prepaid web subscribers. The web app is live! :partying_face: There is an Android app update, too! It will sync your membership across devices/platforms :blush:


Challenges are coming to the web app soon :partying_face:

We received a ton of emails asking for web app access. I’m gonna try to explain things here:

For the moment, web access is given only to people who prepaid their membership via PayPal (that offer is no longer available).

If you want access to the web app:

You have to pay for 1-year membership via PayPal (price is $29.99 USD). This membership is available on the Android app, too. Additionally, it unlocks real-time sync between every device you use (Android or web).

A lot of players are using the web app and we’re currently near max capacity :smile: I can’t really make any promises for when the web app will be free for everyone.


We did made progress on showing Challenge(s) and easily adding Quests for them:

Available after browser refresh :slight_smile:


A dedicated Quest screen:

As always, Sub Quests can be easily reordered :wink:

Available after browser refresh :slight_smile:

Onto making note-taking cool :notebook:


Adding/editing notes for your Quests is now available:

And for those of us who aren’t Markdown ninjas, a simple editing helper: