myPoli Dark - dark themes for night owls


Hey all,

The work on developing several dark themes has already started :wink:

Here is a sample from one of the themes:

Suggestions for favorite dark colors/themes/apps would be greatly appreciated!

co-founder of myPoli :slight_smile:


And another one:


โ€œHello dark worldโ€ AWESOME


Just to chip in, all of the blue and the red lower bar desperately need to be black. Even better, all of the grey to be AMOLED black too. Itโ€™s the AMOLED black which is important to dark theme users from a (perhaps misinterpreted) perception of battery saving. Something like Ultimate Todo List has a black theme that dark users prefer.

Keep up the good work!



Dark (+ black) themes has landed in the latest versions of myPoli :partying_face: Feel free to discuss them in here if anything else is missing :slight_smile:

co-founder of myPoli :slight_smile: